Oh no, not my first injury!

Fate has changed my thinking of what will be my first marathon.  I suffered an ankle sprain from judo, the second week into my marathon training.  BAH ! ! !

At first I thought it was pretty mild, and continued to run for a few days.  My ankle was slightly swollen, and if I ran on my heel it doesn’t hurt too bad at the beginning.  Once I get past 1 mile it doesn’t hurt at all…until I stopped running, and especially in the mornings.

It has become clear that I needed to take a week off and let my body recover.  On the Internet I found some resources that say R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is the best treatment for sprains.  So I purchased a couple of reusable ice packs, and a compression ankle wrap.  After only a couple of uses it feels much better.

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