Time for new running shoes, clothes, etc.

While I have some downtime I think it is time to gear up.  The cotton T-shirts are not ideal for running in.  Once they get sweaty they stick to me like a second skin, and in hot and sunny Florida that is not good.  Also, I understand that running shorts are much better for long distance than normal basketball/gym shorts for keeping me cool and comfortable. (They have a liner and do not require under garments.)  My shoes are cheap cross trainers, and not really meant to handle lots of miles, and the thick and heavy athletic socks that I normally wear to the gym simply act as sweat creators on my feet.

My first stop was to Sports Authority to see what they had.  I was amazed at the technology that goes into running gear.  I never dreamed that there was such a difference.  Growing up in the 70’s I remember the uncomfortable and hot permanent press shirts that my parents forced me to wear.  They were hot, itchy, and usually had lots of stripes and plaide decorations that made them truly ugly.  Nowadays that material has come a long way.  Now they have taken polyester and spandex and created “moisture wicking” fabrics that actually keep you dry and comfortable.  Not only that it doesn’t stick to you when you sweat, and it still allows air to pass through while running so you can still cool down the way God intended.

The downside is that these new items of clothing are expensive.  Shirts ranged from $40 to $80 for something that I am going to sweat and smell in.  I decided to shop around a bit more, and stopped at Kohl’s.  They had the same shirts, but with some off-brand name for only $12.  SCORE!  I bought 4 of them.

For socks I picked up some Basics training short socks at Sports Authority.  I was careful not to get them too short, so they do come up higher than any shoes would. (I hate when socks are too short and the shoes rub my ankles.)  They are also moisture wicking micro-fiber.  They seem cool, and comfy without being heavy like my other gym socks.

A friend recommended Race Ready shorts for long distance because they have lots of pockets for gel and other things.  So I ordered a pair of sixer style with pockets.  For other shorts I simply picked up a couple of pairs from Sports Authority that were good running shorts.  One pair of Nike and one of Heat Gear.  I will see how I like them all and buy accordingly next time.

For shoes I did some more detailed information hunting.  At Runners World they have some really great product reviews, and I decided to that I liked the review of the new Nike Zoom Vomero 4.  The review said it was a great shoe, and was a bit softer step than others.  When I went to Sports Authority and tried them on I fell in love immediately.  I have worn some really nice shoes in the past, but this pair really made me take notice.  It was like walking on a cloud.

Now, I am fully equiped and ready for my training once my ankle heals up.

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