Ankle good, running on my toes (forefoot) again

Today is my first day running on my toes again since injuring my ankle.  For the past couple of weeks I have been running on my heel in an attempt to keep the pain away. (No, it didn’t really work.)  It was so different running by heel striking, and I got really tired of running that way.  Truthfully I almost didn’t even realize that I was doing it.  However, I now that I am able to run with almost no pain on my toes I really notice it now.

Running on my heel for the past couple of weeks has really hurt my calf strength though.  I can feel the muscles in my calf after todays run.  They are tight, and a bit painful from getting out of shape while I was being lazy.  I hate injuries!

For those of you that don’t really know what I am talking about you can find out more by watching some videos or reading.  Here is a video that is very enlightening:

Many say that forefoot running can greatly reduce injuries, and also help you use a bit less energy while running.  I do it because it is more comfortable for me.

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