Received my nutrition package…surprise!

As I train for my first marathon I am also learn many other new things associated with long distance running.  Some of those things are nutritional such as gels and sport drinks.

An ultra running friend, who has been helping me a great deal, recommended Hammer Gels for runs longer than 13 miles.  Since I am starting to get into that range I decided it was time to order some, and thought a sampler of the different flavors was in order.

I went to the Hammer Nutrition website and found that they offered a sampler package of all 9 gel flavors for only $7.95.  Of course shipping brought that up to around $14, but at least I would get to sample during my training runs so I knew which flavor to buy in larger quantity for my longer runs and marathons.

Yesterday I received the box and opened it like a kid at Christmas opening a package. (I can’t help it, I am always that way when I get something.) To my surprise I found that there was much more than just the 9 samples.  They included single servings of sports drinks (4xHEED, Recoverite, and Perpetuem), nutrition bars, Endurolyte caps, 2xWhey protein packs, as well as product detailed info and instructions, reorder fridge magnet, and Endurance Athlete’s guide. (A total of $19.11 in FREE product.)

Of course the company is hopeful that I will buy more, and if the products are as good as they claim I will definitely order more.  I am a loyal type of person if I am treated well and like the product.

UPDATE with some reviews Sept. 18th, 2009————————————————————————————-

So far have tried a few of the products, and here are my thoughts:

  • Heed (I found Heed to taste similar to the candy stick that I used to dip into sugar packets when I was a kid.  The designated flavors were almost like an after taste.)  I really noticed a difference during my runs, and had much more energy during and after running then with Gatorade. I also like the fact that it is low sugar and sodium.
    • Lemon-Lime – Pretty good.  Will probably buy more.
    • Melon – Not too bad, but personally I can’t imagine drinking it for more than 5 miles.
    • Strawberry – didn’t really like this one, but others may find it OK.
    • Mandarin Orange – tasted too much like orange cream or sherbet.  Not for me.
  • Recoverite (I found this product truly amazing.  After an 11 mile run I drank this while cooling down in the pool.  I had no pains or tired muscles the entire day, or the next day.  It was like magic.)
    • Strawberry – very refreshing while cooling down
    • Lemon-Lime – has awesome flavor, and really speeds up recovery.
  • Whey Protien (I use Probolic SR vanilla flavor, so these really did not appeal to me, sorry.)
    • Chai – did not like
    • Vanilla – did not like
  • Hammer Bar (I really liked this, but there are so many available in the stores why order it online?)
  • Perpetuem (have not used it yet)
  • Hammer Gel
    • Unflavored – very nice and mixed well with the sports drink during the run
    • Tropical – did not really like this one, and the caffiene made my stomach a bit upset
    • Orange – I liked this flavor a lot
    • Chocolate – was pretty terrible, but chicks may like it. Had a milk chocolate taste, but also a bit bitter like a dark chocolate.  Taste was too strong for me.
    • Apple-Cinnamon – was great…like eating a piece of fresh apple pie.  I could almost taste the delicious crust.
    • Espresso – was terrible…like coffee grounds in gel form.  I managed to eat it all, but was not happy about it.
    • Raspberry – very nice.  Will get more of this one.
    • Vanilla – was pretty good, and no after taste.  Enjoyed it upon eating, then the flavor was gone.
    • Banana – sorry, but don’t remember this one.  Makes me think it was not too remarkable.
  • Book -Endurance Athlete’s Guide (This book was amazing for anyone doing endurance sports, even if you are not going to use Hammer products.  You can download the PDF for free from the Hammer Nutrition site.)

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