Finally registered for the Palm Beach marathon


Today I finally registered for the Palm Beach marathon taking place on December 6th, 2009.  Up to this point it has been fun talking about it, training for it, and imagining it.  But now the rubber has finally met the road and I am committed.  It was almost like a weight lifted from my shoulders after I completed the registration process.  Now all that is left is to continue training.

I have had many supporting calls, emails, and other messages from friends asking what they can do to help.  To all of you I have only one request.  Please continue with the support of comments on my Facebook and blog posts at Runner’s World and Crazy Floridian.  This is a HUGE motivator as it lets me know that I am not alone, and give me a little more reason to keep going. (In addition to my own driving reasons.)  I really look forward to returning home from a run and posting the results on Facebook to receive those comments.  I know, it sounds kinda corny, but its true.

Well, that is my bit of news for today.  Watch for more.

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