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There is lots to talk about this week, so I will try not to bore you and keep it simple.  But before I get into the more personal items I wanted to write a bit about the 2009 NYC marathon.  I watched it LIVE online with my wife using the Universal sports site. (It is great being able to see things that normally would not get any air time on national TV.)  For those of you who missed it I can tell you that it was a very exciting ending for both the mens and womens races.

The main reason I bring up the NYC marathon is because of the buzz around Meb winning the race for the USA.  I got goose bumps as I watched him point to the USA on his singlet when he was about the cross the finish line, and then after crossing he dropped to his knees and kissed the ground in symbolism of kissing the United States.  It was truly a great moment for the USA.  However, leave it to the media to ruin a moment.  It wasn’t even 10 minutes after the win that the reporters were already saying he was not really American.  They didn’t mention that he migrated to the USA at the age of 12.  They didn’t talk about the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics for the U.S.  They didn’t talk about how his family struggled to get to America during a turbulent time in country of his birth.  More can be found here. It sickens me that almost all media came out negative instead of lifting the victory up as an American triumph.

(Adam steps down from the soap box.)

OK, on to other items.  This past week I had my annual medical check-up.  I decided that one month prior to running my first marathon was a good time to make sure all is working OK.  The doctor was happy with the results and said that I seem very healthy, and was glad to hear that I have been training for a marathon.  Just as a precaution I am also getting blood work, and a visit to the cardiologist as well next week.

This past week or so has been full of surprises for me in the pace department.  It seems that my previous 8:45/mile race pace has recently become easy enough for me that it is now my training pace.  On Saturday I ran an 8:45/mile pace 14 mile run where the last half was spent running into a pretty strong wind.  I didn’t really push, and felt great at the end as if I could have run much more.  I am anxious to see how my first 20 mile run next weekend goes.  Perhaps I may be able to run faster at the marathon than my originally planned 9:30 pace.

The temperature lately has been pretty cool and breezy with tropical storms looming off-shore.  I am not sure how this will impact my normal training since I am not sweating as much as normal.  Usually when I run I end the run totally drenched from head to toe in sweat.  However, this past week I have just had sweat in the center of my chest and under my arms.  I have kept my hydration the same and do not feel bloated, or any other negative affects, so I am not sure what to make of that.

I was talking with someone the other day about the Palm Beach Susan G. Komen 5K run on January 31st and realized that my wife and I will be running the Miami marathon/half marathon on the same day.  This will be my wife’s first half marathon and my second full marathon, so I will not be at the Susan G. Komen 5K.  I feel a little guilty since I already started putting a team together for the Komen race.  However, I will continue to push the team even though I will not actually participate.

Saturday I had the unique opportunity to meet some new people and run with the Fusion Extreme Team.  It was a great morning running on A1A from Delray (Linton) to Boca Raton (Palmetto Park) covering my 14 mile run.  Because I was in the end of my 14th week of training for a marathon my pace was pretty fast, so I didn’t take it very slow. (see race pace becoming training pace above.)  However, it was nice to talk with new people before and after the run.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the number of people that run on A1A.  Normally I only see 3 or 4 people while on my training funs, but on A1A there were hundreds. (OK, maybe not hundreds, but there were a lot.)  I will run with them on that stretch of road again, it was fun.

Also, for those that are wondering, since the swimming pool is still out of commission I have continued with the ice baths on runs that are 9 miles or longer.  I really don’t like them, but the lack of pain for two days after the runs are WONDERFUL!!!

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