I Gotta run…


It has been 4 days since my first marathon and my legs need to run.  My feet are still resting, and a bit sore on the bottoms or heels at times, but my legs really want to go push out LOTS…OF…MILES and mentally this is torture.  However, I will be good and let my body rest one more day.  In the meantime I am forced to watch my wife and son go out and run without me, while going through dopamine withdrawals as I feel my fitness level wither away. (Not really, but it made you feel my pain didn’t it?)

In truth I will not lose any fitness since I rarely sit on the couch, and as long as I don’t do this for too long. (5 days will be tops)  In the meantime I have continued to be as hungry as when I run regularly, and have kept up my protein levels as well.  Because of my hunger level I know that my body is still using it, and my weight has not increased. (Although I could use a couple more pounds.)  Which is a little surprising since my caloric intake is still at my actively working out level.

I think tomorrow (Friday) will be my first run.  I will do a couple slow and easy miles to see how it feels. (I will be good, I swear.)  Then if all goes well, I will do a nice slow but longer (6 miles) run on Saturday.

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