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OK, so the Palm Beach Marathon that I have been preparing for over the past 19 weeks is past.  In July when I started to train and do long runs I had no idea that I would do as well as I have.  Who would have thought that I would run a 4 hour 10 minute marathon, and that training runs would be an “easy” 8 to 8:30/mile pace?  Certainly not me, and yet here we are one week after completing a marathon at that time, and working out at that pace.

So, what next?  I guess most have heard that I am going to be running my second marathon in a short 7 weeks from now.  I signed up for the Miami Marathon to take place on January 31st, while my wife is going to run her first 1/2 marathon also in Miami on that day.  My intent is to push a bit harder than I did for the Palm Beach and start reducing my PR (personal record).  How much faster, I am not sure of yet.  However, I will let you know as soon as I figure it out. (It will rely heavily on how my feet feel, since I am recovering nicely from plantar faciitus.)

There is a bit of difficulty while preparing for my next marathon because I am still learning. (Though at a rapid pace.)  Training schedules for a marathon are all 18 week plans, but the time frame for me is only 8 weeks between each race and one week of that was resting to recover from the first race.  With the help of some experienced running friends I believe that I have a very good 8 week plan leading to the next race.  It is not an aggressive schedule, but will enable me to maintain fitness and perhaps even gain a little.

One thing that I am changing is my nutrition.  It seems that my bad cholesterol is still a little high, even after taking the right vitamins, increasing my physical training, and trying to eat a little better.  While it is not high enough to require medication, it is still high enough to require my attention.  My next phase is to seriously attack what I eat for lunch.  Do you realize how hard it is to find low/no cholesterol lunch stuff?  Someone really needs to work on this and create more cholesterol friendly lunches for the masses.  I know I am not the only one that is finding it difficult.

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  1. Hi Adam…
    Got your blog on my blog roll now, thanks for all your kind words of support and encouragement. Laughed at your comment today in the “wrong” spot. Ha.

    8 weeks is time enough to recharge the bod and get you back out there. You have the conditioning so now you just need to maintain. Don’t start out too quickly with high mileage. No need for any speed work other than getting in a tempo run each week along with a Marathon Pace (MP) middle distance run. Holler if you want me to help with any sort of plan. You are truly an inspiration – your determination and dedication is incredible!!
    Happy Tuesday !!!

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