Peanut butter…naturally!

Like most people I know, I love peanut butter.  It is a daily part of my diet, as I usually eat two peanut butter sandwiches every single day as a snack between breakfast and lunch.  Things I love about it include zero cholesterol, a good amount of protein, and a healthy amount of fats.  However, there has always been one thing that really bothered me about eating it.  All peanut butter on the market seemed to contain hydrogenated oils of some kind.

Hydrogenated oils are not natural in any way, and can be very bad for you.  It is a shame that it was included in all of the peanut butter products I could find, and is almost enough to deter me from eating it.  And most of them use FULLY hydrogenated.  Until now!

I just realized that most major brands of peanut butter now offer a “Natural” version.  THIS IS AWESOME! ! !  And unlike most natural and green things, it is only 20 cents more than the normal stuff.


The brand I tend to eat, for no particular reason, is Jif. (Maybe because choosy moms choose it.) In any way, the reason is not important because I found that most major brands also offer it so no matter what brand you are used to it is now possible to eat a bit healthier.

Something I find truly amazing is the ingredients.  THERE ARE ONLY 5!

More info on Jif Natural or view More info on normal Jif.

2 responses to “Peanut butter…naturally!”

  1. I love peanut better also…yummy!! I eat it by the spoolful, just cuz. I’ve been eating a brand by Smart Balance, which also has no partially hydrogenated oils…but it’s kinda pricy so I’ll look into the choosy mother’s brand as well. Thanks, Adam!

  2. Keep looking in the stores. There are brands that have only one ingredient: peanuts!

    You have to stir it – a chopstick works best, I find. But it’s yummy and healthy.

    *Fruit & juice smoothie + 2 peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast daily*

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