My 2010 running goals…finally!


OK, I know what your thinking, “We are already at the end of January and you are just now posting your 2010 goals?”. You are right, I did take a long time to put them out here. But that doesn’t mean that I just created them yesterday. Actually I set my goals prior to January, but just simply didn’t have the time to post them until now. Sorry for the wait. 🙂

This is the year I will qualify for Boston! Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. I will qualify for Boston this year, or to be more precise it will probably be at the Disney 2011 Marathon in January 2011. This means that instead of the 8:45/mile I hope to run in Miami at the beginning of this year I will need to get my per mile time down to 7:38, which will give me a finishing time of 3:20:00. I really have my work cut out for me, since it is almost a full minute faster per mile.  So, here is my plan:

January 31st I will run the Miami Marathon to start the year right. This will be the second marathon of my life, and I am driving for it to be a 3:49:00 finishing time and improve my PR by 22 minutes. That means I will run an average of 8:45/mile for the entire race. I have already proven in practice that I can hold that pace for 20 miles fairly easy, but the other half of the race (the last 6.2 miles) is another story. It will be a challenge, and I am up for it.

After finishing the Miami marathon I will attempt my first 50 mile ultra on February 13th just a bit north of Orlando, Florida. That is less than 2 weeks after running the Miami marathon! (I wonder if I am sub-consciously becoming addicted to pain?) While I don’t have high hopes for finishing time in this run I am excited to see how far I can go and it should be a fun time.

Following my first 50 mile endurance run I will take 22 weeks (not including the one full week of rest afterwards) and train a little harder than I have the past half year. (Here is the schedule that I will revise slightly by adding 4 weeks to it.  I will repeat weeks 9 through 12.)  My hopes are to race in the 2010 San Francisco Marathon in late July. I do not have any false hopes of qualifying for Boston by this time, but this race will be a good gauge of where I am on my quest.  I am not really sure where I will be by this point, but I am going to try and be around 8:13 per mile and finish the marathon around 3:35:00.  This will not be easy, and I am not sure if I can do it, but I am willing to give it my all.

Here is where the real work will need to start as I will incorporate more hills (Note to self – start looking for hills.  South Florida is pretty flat, so I will look for some tall bridges.) and tempo runs into my training.  I will have 23 weeks to prepare for the Disney Marathon in January. (Not including the one week of rest after San Francisco.)  (Here is the schedule that I will revise slightly by adding 3 weeks to it.  I will repeat weeks 9 through 11.)  The Disney Marathon will be my true first attempt at qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Some things you don’t see in my goals, but I plan to also implement are:

  • I will also incorporate two days of core/strength training into my schedule.  This will ensure that I have the core strength needed to attain the speeds I will need.
  • I will also work in some races throughout the training schedules as time and finances permit.  I will fit in some half-marathons on the weeks that I have a 12, 13, or 14 mile run planned.
  • My diet will change a little as I cut more simple carbs from my menu, and incorporate more slow carbs.
  • I plan to cut carbs out of my pre-run and during run diet, and then load after the runs.  This is to train my body to optimize the usage of the carbs/sugars it has, instead of allowing it to count on supplies during the run. (This will not include my long runs, but will be focused on the small to medium size runs.)

Thanks for sharing my goals with me.  I am off to get started!!!

3 responses to “My 2010 running goals…finally!”

  1. Wow! You have a busy year ahead. I look forward to following your road to Boston. It took me 15 to BQ. You can do it, hopefully faster than I did.
    Good Luck!

  2. Hi Adam….
    You WILL get to Boston, I am sure of it. Speed work is the name of the game here but we’ll work on it and nail it!

    I am very excited for you on Sunday…can’t wait! Woohoooo!!

  3. Hi, I’m new here but I look forward to getting caught up! It looks like we’re in the same neck of the woods. I live in Stuart. Good luck with your race this weekend!

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