Week 08, 2010 totals

I felt much better as this week progressed, but my body is still a little worn.  I am not really sure how long it will take for me to fully recover, but for now I am able to handle low mileage with no difficulty.  I have noticed that between 3 and 4 miles I start to see my HR rise above where I would expect it, so that is my indicator of when to ease up and stop.

They say that you should rest for one day for each mile that you raced.  The problem with that is that I ran a PR marathon, then two weeks later I ran my first 50 miler.  So does that mean they are cummulative?  Should it now take 76.2 days for me to fully recover?  I guess we will see.  I will continue to train lightly as I closely monitor the indicators.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 15 (still in recovery from the 50 mile Ultra)
Quantity: 5
Time spent running this week: 02:13:53
Calories burned: 2,053
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:50
Avg. Heart Rate: 152
2010 Running Miles: 246.31


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