Speedwork and 10 Random Things


Last week was my first attempts at incorporating speed work into my training schedule, with 800 repeats.  This week continued  more of that as Thurdays are my speed work days, so today I did a “real” tempo run for the first time. (The plan is to do 800 repeats one week, tempo the second, then hills the third, then repeat but with more repetitions/time.)  Although today was only a 30 minute run, because it was a tempo run it was a pretty good workout.

When I first started out I thought it would be pretty easy, and thought I may have to add more distance to really get anything out of it.  The objective was to run 10 minutes at a regular workout run pace (8:45), then over the next 10 minutes slowly increase speed until I reached 7:30/mile and hold it for the remainder of the 10 minutes, and then slow down to the regular run pace again for the last bit to finish out 30 minutes.

The first 10 minutes were no problem, since it was my normal workout pace lately, then I increased speed over the next 2 minutes to reach 7:30.  That meant I had to hold the 7:30 pace for the remaining 8 minutes, prior to slowing down.  I LOVED IT ! ! !  I felt so alive, and really felt great the entire run.  Sure I was glad when I could slow down at the end, but it was an awesome run.  I am really looking forward to the next one.

Something strange happened last week, and also happened this week, after my speed work.  I AM STARVING!!!  I can’t seem to eat enough.  I normally eat a great deal, but for some reason the speed work seems to be triggering some sort of hunger in me.  My wife has the idea that perhaps it is because the speed work is new to my body and it feels like it must refuel more then my normal runs.  What do you think?

OK, so Adam (Boring Runner) tagged many of us with a 10 Random Things list.  So here goes:

  1. I train in judo as a cross train for running.  Originally I started running longer distance to build endurance for my judo.  However, I now do judo to cross train for my running, flipping the priorities just a bit.
  2. At 43 I have 5, count them 5, grandchildren (will be 6 in July) all under 5 years old.  I had my children while I was young, and they did the same.  Not much more to do in NE Ohio where they live, and I used to live there also.
  3. At 11 I jumped from the top of a barn into a pile of hay and bit my tongue clean through, .  The ER sewed it back on and all is well.
  4. I was in the Army stationed in Germany in my 20’s for 3.5 years.
  5. I smoked from age 14 to 30.  When I quit I was smoking 2 packs/day.  After I quit I have never had a single craving.
  6. When I was 9 I ate an entire box of chocolate flavored Ex-lax thinking it was candy, and had to get my stomach pumped. I still pooped well for some time after that.
  7. I have been to 45 of the 48 continental United States. (Missing Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota)
  8. After placing 6th in two different track events for the state of Ohio meet, as a freshman in high school, I never competed again until last year. (29 years later)
  9. After a hard day at work (programming) I like to sit on my patio and watch water birds as I sip on a beer. (I try to do it at least once each week.)
  10. I would love to work in a Home Depot store, but programming pays the bills much easier.


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  1. Speed work is so fun. I love putting down those fast paces in my log.

    Great list of 10!! It seems like we have a lot in common other than an awesome first name. Except I don’t have grandkids and I didn’t smoke. I was, however a comp sci major in college, and I would LOVE to work at home depot….if only for the whole $$ thing.

  2. I’ve been to the 3 states you are missing (but never ran a marathon in any of them 🙁 ) and I can truthfully say you aren’t missing anything by not viewing the Dakotas. Montana, or parts of it, are pretty sweet, though. I have not been to NH, VT, RI, PA, WV….seeing an East Coast theme here? Thanks for the sig…I’ll test it out tonight :).

  3. Nice job on your speedwork! I hate doing speedwork, but I know that it’s a must.

    I love your list. I always find it interesting to know what people do besides just running. Congrats on giving up smoking and holy cow, you have FIVE grandchildren?!!!

    I would rather be working at a doggie daycare, but being an Accountant pays the bills.

  4. Hi Adam,
    I love it when people post random stuff:) It helps me to figure everyone out a little easier:)

    Wowzer, you have five grandkids….I am shocked…you too have a baby face!!

    Bummer about the chocolate Ex Lax:(

    Thanks for sharing Adam!!

  5. Do you drink from the Daniels’ Running Formula kool aid? The recommended tempo run duration is 20 minutes, with a mile or two warm up and cool down. Your 8:45 pace IS my tempo pace, LOL…

    If you were in Germany in your twenties, and you’re 43 now, that would have put us there about the same time… Where were you? I was in Hanau, outside of Frankfurt for 2 years.

    Those little birdies must be cold this time of year, but at least it keeps the beer cold!! 🙂

  6. Hi! I’m sorry it took me so long to get over here but I’m glad I did! I love doing speed work. I always dread it but I am usually so glad I did it and it really makes a difference. Loved the 10 things too.

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