Brain Science and the Runner


As many of you know I was asked to participate in an episode of Runners Round Table podcast on Tuesday, March 16th.   I am sorry for posting this so late, but this week has been very hectic and I had a choice of blogging or running…I chose to run. 🙂  My logic was that  without running I have nothing to talk about on the blog. 🙁

So as you may remember (now that you read a previous posts linked to in the first paragraph) I was to be part of the interview panel to ask questions of Ginger Campbell an emergency room doctor with a hobby/interest in brain science, and discuss the affects that physical exercise and playing has on the brain.  No, it was not about the psychology of running.  It was more about “If I run, will I be smarter, remember things, and learn things easier?”.

Here is the link to the Podcast!

I encourage all of you to check out the podcast and download the MP3, or listen to it on iTunes. (For reasons other than my own personal fame.)  The topic was very interesting, and I think we did a good job at keeping it at a high enough level that everyone can get something out of it and not be bored to tears with the actual science of it. (Yes, I myself also look at pictures prior to reading and determine if it is worthy of my time.)

Mark Ulrich of did an awesome job of moderating and leading most of the discussion.  I feel he did a great job of being prepared on the topic and kept the flow moving right along for the entire podcast, not to mention making me look good with his prompt that I had a question, that he would come back to it. (Thus giving me time to think of an intelligent question to ask. HA)

It was also good to spend time with Steve Runner of Phedippidations and Toni Harvey. (Note: Steve Runner is taking a bit of time off, but his site is still up.)

It was a great experience being on my first Podcast, and I encourage more people to try it.  Runners Round Table is always looking for more people to participate, and I had fun doing it as well.  As a matter of fact they have invited me back for a podcast at the end of April, so I will keep you informed.


3 responses to “Brain Science and the Runner”

  1. Was a fantastic RTT. The Dr. just makes me feel so small in the brain dept…. I’m sooooo not near her level. Tried to listen to her PC’s on a run and found that I would get completely lost. Best to listen to her when you can concentrate in my opinion.

    Thanks for contributing. And run for fun!

  2. Hi Adam,
    This is so awesome!! I am glad that you had a good time…this really would be a wonderful experience for all runners:) Go you!

  3. Bummer! I was SO close to doing this one, but I was too late and there were already enough people. Next time!!

    (it was an interesting episode too)

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