Week 12, 2010 training totals

This week is my first week over 30 miles since mid-February, and it felt great!  Now the miles continue to climb until July, when I run the San Francisco marathon.

I have a question for you all.  What tools do you use for tracking all of your miles?  And how many tools do you use?

I ask this because currently I use SportsTracker on my desktop, and also MapMyRun.com.  Why two?  Well, I started out using Sports Tracker, but then started using MapMyRun.com because I could then attach my workouts to the route that I ran. (I had an HRM, but not a Garmin at that point.)  I hated using two different applications, but didn’t stop using Sports Tracker because I like the reporting tool that generates the summary below.  However, it lacks the options to link mileage with my equipment.  So I would have no idea how many miles I put on my shoes without MapMyRun.  You see the dilemma?

This past week I started using Garmin Connect so that I could really see my heart rate and speed broken down.  In the past I was not able to use it because I didn’t know tools existed to download the Garmin on my Ubuntu system. (I am not a Microsoft Windows user.)  However, this past week I took the time to figure out a way to download the Garmin.  However, there is no way to track equipment usage with Garmin Connect.

Yikes!!! Now I am storing my runs in 3 different places. (And lets not forget my Facebook posts.) I guess that makes 4 unless you count my new Facebook Fan page, which would mean that I update my friends and fans…5.  And, AND, I have been thinking of giving DailyMile.com a try. Oh my God, a 6th!?!  I really need to get this under control.  I want to store my runs, equipment usage, and also be social about it.  So, again, my question.  What do you all use?

training_summaryRunning Miles: 33.41
Quantity: 5 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 04:44:57
Calories burned: 4,564
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:27
Avg. Heart Rate: 152
2010 Running Miles: 364.96


4 mi at 8:47 (149 hr)
6 mi at 8:43 (146 hr)
35 min. Tempo (Splits- 10 min at 8:28|159hr, 15 min at 7:25|167hr, 10 min at 8:20|166hr) 4.41 mi overall
Sat: 6 mi at 8:12 (156 hr)
Sun: 13 mi at 8:39 (151 hr)

Cross Training

signature_blockWeight Training qty: 0
Walking: 2 x 1 miles at 14:15 pace
Judo qty: 2

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  1. Hi Adam! I know what you mean about doubling up on tracking. I used to use the Nike+ system with my iPod, but I was also copying all my details to RunnerPlus since that allowed me to enter competitions with non-Nike users. Then I got an iPhone and started using Runkeeper. I decided at that point to make that my one log and stop maintaining multiple copies. It uses my phone’s GPS to record my route/speed and then syncs it to the website. (I can then add additional details, like heartrate and such.) I can also manually add details for non-running activites (like cross-training). It has the ability to auto-tweet and auto-post to Facebook, so my stuff is automatically published. So far it doesn’t really do much for equipment/shoe usage, but it’s a heavily-requested feature so I’m guessing they’ll add it in soon. (The developers are really good about incorporating new features.) They’re working on the social aspects, and currently you can set up a “street team” (i.e. friends list) and comment on your friends’ runs. I’m hoping they introduce competitions/challenges soon.

  2. That’s a lot, but I guess not much different than what I do too! Sad, isn’t it. I use Garmin Connect and Logyourrun.com. I went to Logyourrun.com because of blog tools, but so many trainers have some type of blog integration now also. I used to use the Runner’s World training tool, but it was slow. Otherwise, I really liked the way their site broke down all the details of your run. I’ve looked at Daily Mile also. I like the cleanness of their tool. I’ve resisted for this long, but if you like it, let me know. LOL.

  3. Hands down, the best data tracking program is SportsTrack for Zone Five software. It is free and awesome.

    I have heard others like Buckeye Outdoors Online, but I found that more suited to tri training.

    SportTracks is so powerful it is a joke. Only down side is that is not online, and resides on one computer. But it has so many options and cusomized plug ins.. and free.

  4. Hi Adam,
    I have always just used my Garmin and I have a notebook that I jot things down in. Nothing fancy but it does the trick:)

    Nice work this week:) I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  5. Too funny. I am spoiled on my long runs b/c I run with the local club and we have marked courses to follow all over town. I also have learned my training paces very well over the years and so when I run solo, I often just run for time, ie: an hour’s run is about 7 miles at training pace. Hope that helps.

  6. I use an excel spreadsheet…. Well, and I guess Garmin’s desktop software.

    I used to upload them to RunningAhead but I have since stopped. Probably need to get back into that. Although, I have been getting a lot of pressure to post to daily mile.

  7. Ahhhh, you need SportsTrack. Maybe you could run it inside VirtualBox on Ubuntu… It is totally worth it. It does everything you want, and the TSS plugin will give you a workout number with every run so you can track the training stress on your body. This is the primary reason I have a separate hard drive for my Linux notebook.

  8. I use dailymile.com. It’s great because it figures your splits for you (which is why I joined…math hates me!). It also shows how many calories you burned and other random things like how many TV’s you powered. The only thing I don’t like is when I run 2 1/2 mi, it calculates it as 3 miles. I don’t think it’s necessary to round up .5 mi.

    I use mapmyrun.com to find routes and figure out how far they are. I have yet to get a Garmin, but it’s on the bday list!

  9. Sport Tracks
    Garmin connect
    Daily Mile

    ST has a plugin to update Buckeye outdoors so that’s a painless one. Daily mile I love now and almost ignore Facebook. And Garmin connect so I can share routes with others.

  10. Adam, I’m starting to experience the same problem – too many sites and systems that it’s getting to be a little confusing. All have their ups and downs and no one system seems to do it all.

    Because, (until I get a Garmin) I’m stuck with my Nike+, I use the Nike+ site. But I also use Runnerplus and this year have started using Buckeye Outdoors and Daily Mile. I know I’m going to have to rationalise this and settle on no more than two – though I must say after having only used Daily Mile for a few weeks, I am pretty impressed with it.

    A commenter on my blog last week also recommeded RunSaturday, a European site that appears to synch with just about every gadget imaginable.

    To top it off, I also still use an excel template that has a bunch of great formulas and tabs to track and compare data. I think I’ll always use this regardless – I have four years worth of data in these now and sometimes it is far easier to have a simple, offline solution that allows quick access to a lot of history.

  11. I use Runlog for all my workouts and have been since I started in 2007. I also started using Daily Mile this year for my runs just as a back up.

    BTW, I love your little signature guy!

  12. OMG, I am laughing so hard…AND I have to post about this. It’s like you’ve discovered my dirty little secret!

    OK..The best product in the world (IMHO) is Training Peaks. I use it, along with their WKO application. Running.Geek.Heaven.

    However, I also put my stats in a paper log- Matt Fitgerald’s running log (includes nutrition data).

    I get a bit bogged down by Training Peaks as I use both the nutritional and running platforms. So I occasionally try to scale down and I switch over to RunningAhead- they can now do Garmin download.

    OMG…I ALSO keep a “Daily Training Stress” excel sheet.

    I am going to stop now…so I can search for the appropriate 12-Step Program.

  13. I use an excel spreadsheet…. Well, and I guess Garmin’s desktop software.

    I used to upload them to RunningAhead but I have since stopped. Probably need to get back into that. Although, I have been getting a lot of pressure to post to daily mile.

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