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First I would like to thank everyone who continued to read, even though I haven’t posted anything but weekly training for 10 weeks.  OUCH!  Has it really been 10 weeks since my last “non-workout summary” blog post?  That is terrible, so here I go again as I am back in the full swing of training once again.

Second, as many of you know I have not trained hard enough to actually participate in the 2010 San Francisco marathon as planned later this month.  Plus I started a new job, so really can’t take the time away this soon for travel to the other side of the country.  Instead I am moving my training toward a new goal, and will cover it here.

My wife has this idea that she would like to run the Lake Tahoe half marathon on September 26th, so I am going to prepare for the full marathon at the same location. (See updated count-down on the right.)  I hear it is an awesome and beautiful course, and lots of fun.

True to self punishment form, I am also thinking of running the John Holmes 50K trail run (not the porn star) two weeks later.  I lived through running a 50 mile ultra after running the Miami marathon in February, so a 50K should not be nearly as punishing…right?

7 Random Things

Now the moment you have all been waiting for…the long awaited list of 7 random things that Psyche tagged me with in a comment a few weeks ago (June 2nd to be exact).  I guess it is about time for me to get it done.

  1. My mother-in-law is visiting for the summer, and it is not so bad. (she only speaks Russian, so I don’t know what she is saying) I get lots of food that I don’t have to cook…SCORE!!!
  2. When I was 8 I jumped out of a hay loft and bit my tongue off.  It was sewn back on after rushing me to the emergency room
  3. meat-eaters-vegetarians-mdWhile running with my son the other day he sincerely said, “Thanks for making me do this”.
  4. My dream job is working at Home Depot.  Do you think they will pay me a developers salary?
  5. Sometimes I miss living in a small town and being bored out of my mind.
  6. My favorite color is blue…I mean green…I mean…Oh, never mind. Lets just stick with green.
  7. I love BIG, THICK, JUICY steaks.  I have thought about cutting down on the meats, but I just love it too much.

Well, there you have it.  Sorry for being a bit boring, but it is the best I’ve got for now..

Take care, until next time.signature_block

7 responses to “Back to training and blog-land”

  1. I almost bit my tongue off after someone pushed me on my bigwheel into a wall at a high rate of speed…i didn’t bite all the way thru thank goodness. Glad you were able to readjust your race schedule. I did the john h. 50k about 10 years ago at Croom. Loved it! Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back, Adam 🙂

    Sorry you aren’t able to do SF, I was looking forward to meeting you….and not being the only blog loser doing the entire full. I’m not anywhere near ready but oh well. The heel’s really bothering me this week.

    I love that your son is glad you made him go run with you :).

  3. I’ve interviewed at Home Depot several times here in Atlanta, and I’ll never go back… LOL… Glad you are back in the swing of things. The trail run would be more interesting if it WAS named after the porn star…. rofl….

  4. I guess everything worked out ok with the tongue since you love the steaks (my hubby has the same love – me, not so much – I do love a good hamburger though)

    Lake Tahoe is beautiful and will be great for a race. Fun!

  5. You cut your tounge off! Hardcore!

    I love living in a small town. The big city seems exciting and I love to visit but I cannot imagine living there!

  6. Welcome back Adam! I love these kind of posts….random information is a treat:)

    I can totally relate to your #5. I also sometimes miss the small town thing too. You and my hubby both like steaks. He is our summer grillmaster and he eats steak way too much as far as I am concerned. I think a steak is good every now and then but he likes it two to three times a week!

    Woo hoo for Tahoe! Take care:)

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