Week 36, 2010 training summary

I know, I know.  You have heard me say this a few times over the past 4 months, but I am finally getting back into it.  No real updates this week other than to simply post my training, which was pretty darn good after 5 weeks of 10 or less miles.  OK, here goes…

training_summaryRunning Miles: 28.39
Quantity: 6 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 04:52:00
Calories burned: 3,887
Avg. Time/Mile: 10:13
Avg. Heart Rate: 147
2010 Running Miles: 1,025


Mon: 4.5 mi at 10:23
Wed: 4.68 mi at 9:26
4.51 mi at 10:05
4.8 mi at 11:55
Sat: 5 mi 9:45
Sun: 4.9 mi at 10:00

Cross Training

signature_blockWeight Training qty: 0
Walking: 0
Judo qty: 2

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