Week 47, 2010 training summary

Went on a nice trip to the Smoky Mountains this week and did 12.41 miles of hiking on the mountain trails in 3 different hikes that each climbed 1,300 feet up, and then went back down.  It probably would not have been so strenuous if we had not done these in a 20:50 pace.  But it didn’t really seem fast at the time.

Also this week I ran the Space Coast Marathon. (Race report to follow)  The only thing I can say is that I had a great time, although I did fall a little short of my goal.  Probably due to the unplanned hiking.  However, the hiking was worth it.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 33.2
Quantity: 3 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 05:06:53
Calories burned: 4,502
Avg. Time/Mile: 09:08
Avg. Heart Rate: 145
2010 Running Miles: 1,477.72


Mon: 4 mi at 10:51
Wed: 3 mi at 7:53
Sun: 26.2 mi at 9:07

Cross Training

signature_blockCore Weight Training: 0
Walking: 0
Judo Practice: 0
Canoeing: 0
Hiking: 12.41 miles over 3 hikes at 20:50 pace

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  1. I’m with MissZ, how dare you leave us hanging like this? I wouldn’t have passed up on the hiking either. You had your cake and ate it too. Nothing wrong with that. Looking forward to your RR. So far, from the pics I have seen from the race and the race medal, it has come a long way since the last time I did it in 1998. I may have to put that marathon back on my to do list for the future.

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