My Colorado adventure/vacation

Mountain range beside Frisco, CO
Mountain range beside Frisco, CO

So we headed off to Colorado for some fun in the snow on our holiday.  Honestly I have been missing snow just a bit since leaving Ohio 10 years ago and decided it was time to see it again.  On this trip I was going to try something new  and ski.  I had never tried to ski before in my life, and I was certain I would break a leg or hit a tree.  But now that I am safely at home I can say I am all in one piece, or as close as I was before going.

During the week we went skiing downhill 3 times (once at night), nordic (cross country) skiing once, tubing once, and snow shoeing twice.  Phew, that sounds like a very busy week.  Actually it didn’t seem that busy at the time.  I really enjoyed every new adventure, and am already looking forward to the next trip for more skiing even though I am not a fan of cold weather.  Fortunately we stayed so active I did not even notice the cold weather until it was time to return home.

Also on this trip I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Parker in person, and found her to be every bit as fun and genuine as she is on her blog.  Jill and I met on the Loop at Runer’s World when we were both writing there.  She came to Frisco with her son for a few hours of snowshoeing followed by lunch.

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  1. YAY Colorado! I’m so glad it worked out to meet you and your family – and glad you had a great time while here. I’m still thinking you need buy a place up in the mountains and I’ll make sure it’s safe and sound while you are away until you get back to use it :).

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