Week 06, 2011 training summary

You will get a laugh out of this, but mentally I felt very lazy this week. (as we all do when tapering)  Yeah, I know, 45 miles is not lazy.  But after spending so many weeks running 60, 70, 80, and even 90 miles I had a bunch of extra time on my hands this week.  You would think that with all of this extra time I would have accomplished something, like world peace or even cleaning my desk.  But I was in Orlando for a conference, and spent the extra time networking and eating.  On one hand I am thankful for the distraction so I did not experience the HELL we call tapering.  On the other hand I was totally out of my element and was forced to do my runs this week in very congested areas with bunches of traffic.

On Wednesday I have to admit that I LOVED my 10 mile run, despite the traffic and people.  First I was feeling great, and found myself easily doing a 7:00 pace for much of the run. (until my hip informed me to slow down)  I was running down a pretty busy street where the sidewalk was a narrow strip weaving in and out of trees and crossing small side streets like a park.  I was zipping past runners, walkers, cars, and Segway riders.  At one light there were these three people Segway riding while touring the city.  They commented on how they could get around faster than running, but I seemed to be doing a really good pace.  I answered that the Segway would be fun, but I can get further on my feet since the machines can only get about 18 miles to a charge.

It was 8 miles later that the Segway riders caught up to me again at another light.  They were amazed that they were not able to catch me riding the machines at full speed, and I was not breathing hard at all by the time the caught me.  It was a fun experience for me, and a little boost to the ego.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 45.62
Quantity: 5 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 06:49:30
Calories burned: 6,176
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:54
Avg. Heart Rate: 139
2011 Running Miles: 445.62


Tue: 5 mi at 8:39
Wed: 10 mi at 08:24
FRI: 5 mi at 9.07
Sat: 10 mi at 9:15
Sun: 15.5 mi at 9:11

Cross Training

signature_blockCore Weight Training: 0
Walking: 1 mi
Judo Practice: 0

6 responses to “Week 06, 2011 training summary”

  1. isn’t that weird how we have all this new found time and we manage to fill it up so quickly that we don’t get done all the great things we planned 🙂 glad you are avoiding taper madness

  2. Good deal with the work distraction during the dreaded taper craziness phase. I about go off the deep end when I have to taper, blah! Too cool about the people on the segways. I haven’t yet encountered any of them but I will tell you I LOVE running past roller bladers and never having them catch me. Good luck this weekend! I will be sending you good race vibes.

  3. I always think its funny how we seem to fill our time so easily when given it; I also agree that work is a great distraction- something I use cleaning as a way to get out the engery when I am tapering.

  4. Is your race the 27th? I am off a week, I think and thought it was this weekend.

    I’m anxious to hear what you have on your plate after this amazing feat. Maybe you can come out to Colorado and do Pikes Peak with me!! 🙂

    Rest and carb up this week, Adam!

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