Week 18, 2011 training summary

This week I tried a couple of core workouts using the Insanity Workout fit test.  Basically it is a sampling of a few exercises that help you gauge your progress through the 60 day workout routine, but it also worked well to let me know I am in pretty poor shape. (I already knew that from my hip injury, but really needed to beat the dead horse.)  So next week I will officially start the 60 day routine.

On another note, I am still on track to finish my 2011 miles in 2011.  So far I am at 933 miles and still have an entire month and a half to go to mid-year.  YAY ME!

training_summaryRunning Miles: 38.81
Quantity: 4 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 06:29:56
Calories burned: 5,198
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:30
Avg. Heart Rate: 145
2011 Running Miles: 933.66


Mon: 3.25 mi at 9:10
Tue: 8.5 mi at 9:04
FRI: 8.5 mi at 8:59
Sun: 18.5 mi at 11:04

Cross Training

signature_blockCore Weight Training: 2
Walking: 4
Judo Practice: 3


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